•             Steganography derived from the Greek word steganos meaning “covered “and the Greek word graphie meaning “writing”. Steganography is the process of hiding of a secret message within an ordinary message and extracting it at its destination.
  •              Anyone else viewing the message will fail to know it contains hidden/encrypted data.
  •              Modern digital Steganography
  •              data is encrypted then inserted and hidden, using a special algorithm which may add and/or modify the contents of the file.
  •              This technique may simply append the data to the file, or disperse it throughout.
  •              Carefully crafted programs apply the encrypted data such that patterns appear normal




Hiding the file in jpeg without any software

  •         Requirement
  1. Winrar
  2. Command prompt

Note: – Works under Windows XP


Step 1: – Put all the files you wish to hide in the folder and put that folder in c:\hidden



Step 2:-  Now add those files in rar archieve eg-secret.rar in folder named hidden.



Step 3:- Now Look For Any jpeg image and name it logo.jpeg and put it in the folder hidden.





Step 4:- Open command prompt make sure your working directory is c:/hidden



Step 5:-  Now type in cmd COPY /b logo.jpeg + secret.rar output.jpeg[logo.jpeg is the picture you want to show and secret.rar is the file u want to hide and output.jpeg is the file which contains both.



Step 6:-  After this you will see output.jpeg in  c:/ it and it will show the picture .now try opening the same file via winrar  🙂




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